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HF Propagation


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Friends News - The DXZone.com

The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

Latest articles, reviews and links posted to The DXZone.com, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1931  View ?

The Easy Way Antenna Systems, End Fed Antenna with a 1:64 Matching Network, The MonoGap Antenna for 30m Reviewed, J-Pole Construction Drawings , How to Find Old Amateur Radio Call Signs, Fighting Antenna Corrosion - Antenna Maintenance, The Classic Beverage Antenna Revisited, How to locate RFI, FT CALC 1.3 - Ferrite Toroidal Core HF Calculator, HamVoip - Asterisk Allstar on the Raspberry Pi,

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
62nd Jamboree on the Air  View ?

JOTA Jamboree on the Air is a spectacular opportunity to introduce Scouts to amateur radio. 18-20 October 2019
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
FT8 Frequencies  View ?

FT8 Frequencies for HF and VHF bands as listed on WSJT-X. Region 1 exceptions and JS8Call frequencies.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1930  View ?

Cost-effective ferrite chokes and baluns, Gray line map for Windows, End Fed Half-Wave Antennas, Aerial 51, APRS Direct - Realtime APRS tracking data, Signal Stuff, Gap Titan DX Assembly Manual by AE2A, An Overview of US Amateur Call Signs - Past and Present, Ladder Line attenuation, ICOM 756 and 756PRO

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
ICOM IC-R20  View ?

IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
VP6R Log Online  View ?

DX Resources/Logs
VP6R online log for the Pitcaris Island DX pedition 2019. October 18 till November 1 2019. Service provided by ClubLog
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
PG7V Contest Calendar  View ?

DX Resources/Contest Calendars
On this calendar all major HF contests, mainly interesting for Europeans, are listed. It is also possible to get a list of contests listed by month. This calendar lists mainly HF contests, and is available also in Dutch language.

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
World Wide Radio Operators Foundation  View ?

DX Resources/DX Foundations
Dedicated to improving the skills of amateur radio operators around the world, utilizing education, competition, advancement of technology and scientific research, promoting international friendship and goodwill, and preparing them to better serve society in times of communication need.

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Space weather impacts on Climate  View ?

About impacts of solar weather changes, including effects of the solar cycle on weather on the Earth. The most important impact the Sun has on Earth is from the brightness or irradiance of the Sun itself.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
RV marine battery as power source  View ?

Technical Reference/Batteries
Turning an RV marine battery into a massive 12-volt emergency power source
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
JTAlert  View ?

Software/Weak Signal
JTAlert provides several audio and Visual alerts for WSJT-X & JTDX software. JTAlert generate audio and visual alerts for several alert conditions, logs automatically to several ham radio log books software like hrd dxkeeper,log4om, interoperates with web services and it supports dxlab suite.

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
160m portable vertical antenna  View ?

The Shoddytenna is a 160 meters band vertical antenna intended for portable use. This antenna takes just 15 minutes to erect on site, can be carried by hand and is ideal for local groundwave work.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Sample code plugs for DMR Radios  View ?

Operating Modes/DMR
Starter Code Plugs and Information for the New DMR User These code plugs were are set up specifically for three UHF repeaters in the York / Harrisburg, PA area. These are working examples only and to be used as guides.

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Decoding Numbers Stations - QST Article  View ?

Shortwave Radio/Numbers stations
Exploring these mysterious transmissions and how their strong following has created a niche in the community. Free article in PDF Format from QST November 2019
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
CW Trainer - Arduino Project  View ?

Technical Reference/Arduino
Hone your Morse code skills with this entry-level project. Article includes the full schematic of the CW Trainer, describes the sketch and how to operate the morse code trainer.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

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