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HF Propagation


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The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

Latest articles, reviews and links posted to The DXZone.com, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site

Elecraft XV Transverters XV50 XV144 XV222 and XV432  View ?

Four state-of-the-art transverters are included in Elecraft's new XV Series: the XV50 (6 Meters), XV144 (2 Meters), XV222 (222 MHz) and XV432 (432 MHz). The transverters can be used with nearly any transceiver that covers the 28 to 30 MHz frequency range
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1806  View ?

FreeDV plus Video, 2 Amateur Radio Morse code practice keys Android App, K7SU CW Straight Key, Amateurfunkgruppe des Computer Clubs Media 2000, Cobra Antenna - A folded dipole, Portable wire antennas, Guide to D-star, DMR, Fusion, TYT MD-2017 QST Review
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
VisAir HF transceiver DDC/DUC 100W ATU  View ?

VisAir HF transceiver DDC/DUC 100W ATU made in Russia - HF DSP Transciever Standalone Digital Up Conversion and Digital Down Conversion.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1805  View ?

OZ1CX - Multiband vertical antenna no tuner LC matched, ZigZag Antenna - VHF/UHF unconventional antennas, Kenwood TS-590 by UT0FC, CW Morse Code Keys, SDRplay - SDRuno, WEB SDR - ROME, CustomQSL.com, RadioClub Odessa, Tuolumne County Amateur Radio Electronics Society Ham Radio Club - TCARES
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
CQ WPX CW 2018 Contest  View ?

CQ WPX CW Contest May 26 - 27, 2018
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
ICOM IC-R20  View ?

IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
DIY Interface for SSTV PSK RTTY Android Apps  View ?

Technical Reference/Sound Card Radio Interfacing
A homemade interface for any android device, allow to receive and trasmitt SSTV PSK RTTY from an android tablet based on the DD7LP original project include demo of a sample DIY kit.

... / ...

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
RTTY/AFSK Interface for Android Phone or Tablet  View ?

Technical Reference/Sound Card Radio Interfacing
Interface board was for connecting Yaesu FT-817ND transceiver to Android phone or tablet. The board was developed for experimenting with RTTY, SSTV and other digital modes using DroidRTTY, DroidSSTV and other software on an Android phone.

... / ...

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
25WPM Morse code trainer - Android App  View ?

Learn to recognize Morse code at 25 WPM and not memorize DITs and DAHs at 5 WPM. This app will train you to hear and send Morse code at 25 WPM using an approach very similar to the Koch method.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
The K2AV FCP Single Wire Folded CounterPoise  View ?

Efficient Low Band Counterpoise for Restricted Circumstances Loss Avoidance Opportunities and Techniques for the Low Bands The short and linear FCP was designed to reduce ground losses from inadequate radial systems beneath inverted L and other vertical antennas.

... / ...

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
80m Vertical Antenna with Folded CounterPoise  View ?

A very efficient 80 meter Counterpoise antenna designed to reduce ground losses from inadequate radial systems beneath inverted L antennas, a project by DM2GM and DM4IM based on the original K2AV antenna concept.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Skater Threads  View ?

Shopping and Services/T-shirts
Offering custom embroidery for Ham Radio Operators and clubs. Several stock designs available and can also do club logos.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
UK HAM - Ham Radio Website  View ?

Ham Radio/Personal Pages/Europe
UK ham radio website with info on a variety of things by M0TRJ
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
How to setup Yaesu FT-847 Doppler Control with PstRotator  View ?

Radio Equipment/HF Transceivers/Yaesu FT-847
How to setup the Yaesu FT-847 along to the PSTRotator under Windows 10 PC with Omnirig.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
VK5TM Noise Canceller  View ?

Technical Reference/QRM Eliminator
Noise Canceller kit originally developed about 1989 by G4WMX and GW3DIX and improved by DK9NL and DG0KW.The VK5TM Noise Canceller is another version of the design, with the HF Vox circuit removed and a couple of other minor changes, including the use of SMD JFETs and a double-sided pcb.

... / ...

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
FC-80B Linear Amplifier - An AL-80B Copy  View ?

Technical Reference/Amplifiers/HF Amplifiers
A Home brew 3-500Z HF Linear Amplifier heavily based on the Ameritron AL-80B
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

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