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HF Propagation


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The DXZone.com

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Friends News - The DXZone.com

The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

Latest articles, reviews and links posted to The DXZone.com, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site

Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1904  View ?

Dish antenna for 2 meters band, 3 Foot Box Loop Antenna, 160M Folded Counterpoise, Mains Filter for EMC & Noise Reduction, Interactive World Clock, 70cm Mini Transverter, The Short Dipole, VK5SW, Remotely Controlled Amateur Radio - YouTube, Coil Inductance and Q Calculator, TYT MD-2017 Programming
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Bitcoin Sent Through Amateur Radio 40 Meters Band  View ?

Bitcoin sent from Toronto to Michigan through amateur radio using JS8Call keyboard-to-keyboard application software based on FT8 and fldigi
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
FDM-S2 SDR Receiver by ELAD  View ?

Elad FDM-S2 a PC controlled direct sampling SDR receiver, coverting HF and VHF Frequencies
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Amateur Radio News 07 2019  View ?

A recap of what happened about ham radio in the web this week
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 1903  View ?

Yaesu FT-857D Cheat Sheet, Helically wound antenna for 40m, Thin wire 160 metre G0CWT Loop Antenna, Homemade LiFePO4 battery power for Amateur Radio, Magnetic Loop for the 2m band, DIY Ham Radio Loudspeaker, Programming Chinese Radios, EME on a Budget - Moonbounce for the Rest of Us, Restricted Space Antennas : vertical dipoles, Cushcraft R8 Multiband HF Vertical

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(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
ICOM IC-R20  View ?

IC-R20 by Icom. Wideband Receiver Professional radioreceiver, allow double receiver, from HF to Microwave, digital recorde, DTCS, Memories and 11 hours countinuous reception.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Choosing the correect Ferrite  View ?

Technical Reference/Components/Toroids
Common mode currents are those currents that flow in the same direction on a wire bundle, as opposed to the currents that flow
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Shortened 80m Antenna  View ?

An antenna for 80 meters band for those who does not have enough space to setup a halwave wire dipole that is aprox 130ft or 40 meters. The antenna is an open-wire-fed shortened dipole
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
XX9D Log Online  View ?

DX Resources/Logs
Log search function for the XX9D DX Pedition to Macao
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
OSCAR-100 WebSDR  View ?

Internet and Radio/WebSDR
This WebSDR, hosted at Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall, enables you to listen to the Qatar OSCAR-100 Narrow band transponder onboard the Es'hail-2 satellite.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
JS8Call  View ?

Software/Weak Signal
Js8Call is communication software designed for keyboard-to-keyboard message passing. Based on the WSJT-X application and implementing the FT8 protocol techniques, it's a separate project run on Linux, Windows and MacOS

... / ...

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
XX9D Macao  View ?

DX Resources/DX Peditions/2019 DXpeditions
IOTA AS-075 LOC OL62SD XX9D Macao DX Pedition
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Ham Radio Projects by Wireless Society of Southern Maine  View ?

Technical Reference/Homebrew
Wireless Society of Southern Maine Projects, instructions and photos for many ham radio projects and experiments, including antenna construction and modelling, kit building, station setup, restoration and more

... / ...

(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Build an All Band HF Air Core Choke Balun  View ?

Antennas/Baluns/1 to 1 Balun
The main function of the Ugly Balun is to help eliminate rf currents from flowing on the outside of coaxial cable using the principle of choke action.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Tonto Amatuer Radio Assocciation  View ?

Ham Radio/Clubs/North America/USA/Arizona
Amateur Radio on the Mogollon Rim, run two repeaters both fusion capable
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)
Amateur Radio Clip Art  View ?

Software/Clip Art
Amateur Radio pictures to add Interest to your Website. Jpeg, GIF and Animated GIF files available to download.
(01/01/1970 @ 01:00)

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