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Multiband HF Projekten - Richtantenne's

Why A Beam Antenna? by W1ICP
Some basic antenna information for the newcomer about Yagi antennas including a tutorial on antenna gain and construction of a 15-meter beam antenna.

Simple Gain Antennas for the Beginner by W1FB
You need not be a structural engineer or invest an absurd amount of money to build a beam type of antenna. Good performance can be obtained with simple antennas made from some very ordinairy materials.

A Portable 2-Element Triband Yagi by VE7CA
Have you ever dreamed about a portable beam you could use at your summer cottage, while camping or on Field Day? Dream no longer. This portable beam can be rolled up and stashed in your car’s ski boot!

Klik voor vergrotingDelta Matching HF beams (now with tables for all bands) by PA3HBB
In most of the book on antennas there is a section covering making VHF or UHF beams using a Delta match to feed the driven element. In this article, I explore the use of such an easy matching system on H.F. antennas.

Klik voor vergrotingMoxon Antenna Project by K6SGH
Invented by Les Moxon, G6XN, the MOXON is a stealthy gain antenna that can be easily home brewed for a small investment. This antenna can be mounted on a simple push-up mast and rotated by hand or with a light duty rotor.

Klik voor vergrotingMulti Band Moxon by K8WBL
Hello Steve, I told the group some time ago I would send them some pics of my Moxon, been up about a year now, but recently modified again. Boom is 2 inch PVC, aluminum elements, 25 foot reflector and Director, 10 foot boom.

Klik voor vergrotingMultiband Cubical Quad by EI7BA
It covers six bands, 20m-10m on HF, and also 6m. It is a Boomless (spider quad, gem quad)design. It uses Glassfibre arms (a must). It uses a single coax line to a homebrew antenna switch.

Klik voor vergrotingMy Delta Loop for 10/12/15/17/20 mt by IK4DCS
MODIFICATIONS FOR A DELTA LOOP ANTENNA. This is not a theoretical text but the result of many experiences lived through the action of two heavy wind-storms.

Klik voor vergrotingPractical High Performance HF Log Periodic Antennas by K8CU
How do you go about achieving good DX performance on all HF amateur bands from 10 to 30 MHz without using separate antennas for each band? One alternative that occurred to me was the log periodic (LP) antenna.

Klik voor vergrotingThe Queen of Antennas: The Quad by IZ7ATH
The choice of a beam instead of an other depends on many factors: electric properties (Gain, F/B ecc.), weight, encumbrance, resistence to the wind, appearance ecc.; in a word: IT'S AN ARRANGEMENT!

Klik voor vergrotingThe reflected W or Hexbeam by DL7IO
The first time that this kind of antenna has been announced was in the 80's in Great Britain where HAM's described this design as a result of changing the reflected M or X-beam.

Klik voor vergrotingUne Multibande Decametrique OM de F6CHT
Antenne Log yagi multibande om made.

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