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Multiband HF Projekten - Loop Antenne's

Klik voor vergrotingA homemade magnetic loop for 10-17 meters by PA3FG
Magnetic loop antennas are very compact hf antennas. If properly build they can be used for transmitting. There are already many good theories about them so i will keep this part of the story very short.

Klik voor vergrotingA Magnetic Loop Antenna by G3YCC
Various articles have appeared describing magnetic loops for HF use, some with complicated methods of remote tuning and the antenna can be quite a useful and interesting project.

Klik voor vergrotingA Wide Bandwidth Active Loop Receiving Antenna by MAYF
A versatile wide bandwidth receiving antenna suitable for general short-wave amateur band reception. This antenna has also been used successfully for the reception of QRSS signals in the 20, 30, 40, 80 and 160 Metre bands.

Klik voor vergrotingCobWeb Aerial by MPZT
Back in the summer of 2012, I decided that I wanted to build a CobWeb.
Much of the inspiration was obtained from G3TXQs CobWeb webpage.

Click to enlargeExperimentele HF-antenne voor de kleine tuin door PE1HOY
De ruimte die Markus, PE1HOY in Uithoorn, voor een antenne beschikbaar heeft is ongeveer 8 tot 9 meter, van het woonhuis tot de schuur.

Click to enlargeHF Receiving Loop by VK2ZAY
This experiment was inspired by Peter VK2TPM's receiving loop experiments for 80 metres. My loop is a bit smaller than Peter's, a single turn, the circumference is 4 metres + a little for the aligator clip lead, made from medium gauge mains lamp cord ("zipcord" for the yanks).

Klik voor vergrotingMagnetic Loop Antenna by LA6NCA
For communications from 20 to 200 km is this small loop better or as good as a full size field mounted dipole. An HF whip antenna is also mounted on the car. The magnetic loop is fare better than the whip antenna.

Klik voor vergrotingMagnetic loop antenna for 160 to 15 metres by VK3YE
October 1997's Novice Notes looked at compact antennas that amateurs use to operate from confined locations. The smallest antenna described for 80 metres was a magnetic loop. This article provides all the details needed to build your own.

Klik voor vergrotingMagnetic loop HF antenna by G3XBM
In the last few days I have been experimenting with an HF magnetic loop antenna for the first time. These antennas are well known and work well, but for some reason I've never used one apart from on 136 and 500kHz where I used an 80m square magnetic loop made from standard PVC covered wire.

Klik voor vergrotingMultiband Deltaloop by DL2HCB
After a Qth change last year, I was fortunate to get permission for an outside antenna. The new antenna was built with the following considerations in mind: At least 10 - 20m coverage; Open wire feed to simplify matching ...

Klik voor vergrotingPacking Crate Antenna by SMVPO
I have been placed in a situation where a landlord denied permission to erect an antenna. Any form of antenna was unreasonable, even a white-painted broom handle caused interference!!

Klik voor vergrotingPedestrian mobile magnetic loop for 40 to 10 metres by VK3YE
I've described a few magnetic loops for HF pedestrian mobile. This one is my favourite. It's light and robust enough to use for hours at a time yet performs well on the busiest HF bands.

Klik voor vergrotingPedestrian mobile magnetic loop for 20 to 6 metres by VK3YE
In 2012 I made a 40 centimetre diameter magnetic loop antenna for pedestrian mobile. Covering 21 to 50 MHz.
I've since made a SummerLoop II using parts from the Original.

Klik voor vergrotingRaamantenne voor de 160, 80, 40, en de 20 meterband door PE1KQP
Het concept van deze antenne is niet nieuw, maar door de goede verkrijgbaarheid en lage prijs van de zogenaamde hengelmasten ( 12 m lang ) is het mogelijk om een veelzijdige vakantie antenne te maken.

Klik voor vergrotingThe Rockloop by W9SCH
W9SCH described this small loop in Sprat 60 and it has proved useful to the QRPer, ... It is basically a variant of the usual magnetic loop, using a toroid balun to get a reasonable match on the three bands.

Klik voor vergrotingW9SCH's Rockloop Antenna by DL1GSJ
Years ago I started experimenting on magnetic loops & Co; I like the idea of narrow resonant aerials. When I saw the rockloop I never believed it might work (Ohmic resistance of the wire).

Klik voor vergrotingWide Band Active Loop Receiving Antenna door PA3GZK
Als men voor het ontvangen van radiosignalen geen plaats heeft voor een antenne van voldoende lengte, kan een kleine actieve antenne de oplossing zijn. Op Internet zijn daar genoeg ontwerpen over te vinden.

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