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Transistors BF-Serie - BF194

Datasheet BF194 Ultra CEMI

 Wobbulator450-500 kHz Wobbulator
Center frequency of sweep is adjusted with C1 and C2. With appropriate coil, operation can be extended up to 10.7 MHz. Transistors can be BC107, BF115, BF194, or other equivalent.

AM-FM-TV RF AmplifierAM-FM-TV RF Amplifier
The circuit is a universal amplifier that can amplify any rf signal. You can use the BF194 or the BF198. Make sure you use coaxial cable.

Klik voor vergrotingHam Radio BFO by VU2AAP
Regular broadcast receivers are meant for reception of AM signals. A simple free running oscillator oscillating at the receiver's IF (intermediate frequency) beats with the incoming signals in either CW or SSB and the resultant audio frequency goes to the AF amplifier.

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