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500 kHz Projekten - Zenders

Klik voor vergroting1W MF CW QTX by GW3UEP

472-479 kHz CMOS VFO for 100W QTX PA by GW3UEP
Quick MF CW TX 501-504 kc/s 25W output

500 kHz Beacon Transmitter by GØMRF
This beacon transmitter can frequently be heard on 503.700kHz around the southern UK. It generates a sequence of outputs in 3 different modes The RF electronics in the transmitter produces 6 Watts output but the antenna only radiates 2.5mW ERP.

500kHz QRSS/WSPR/CW beacon transmitter door PE1GRL
Beschrijving van een 500kHz QRSS/WSPR/CW bakenzender.

6AG7/807 transmitter for 472 kHz by VK1SV
No commercial radio amateur gear currently supports 472 kHz for transmitting, so a transmitter has to be built from scratch. I selected to build a transmitter using valves.

A 100 Watt CW Transmitter for the 500 kHz Band by N4ICK
The output of a standard "can" Xtal oscillator at 5,068 kHz is fed to a 7490 divide-by-10 stage. The resulting 506.8 kHz square wave is fed directly to ½ of the 4427 driver, and also inverted by ¼ of the 7400 that feeds the other half of the 4427 (Q and not Q).

A 137 & 500 kHz Class-D Kilowatt by W1VD
The 137 & 500 kHz Class-D Kilowatt transmitter described here was built for use at WD2XNS (136 - 138 kHz) and WE2XGR/2 (505 - 515 kHz) to transmit modes that don't require linear amplification - cw, QRSS and various FSK modes.

A cheap and cheery MF TXt by GW3UEP
This is a development of Roger's simple 80m CW TX for use on 500kHz.
The oscillator is based on an 8MHz ceramic resonator which can be "pulled" a few kHz giving a coverage of 501-504kHz after dividing by 16 in IC1.

A VXO controlled transmitter for the UK 500kHz Experiment by G3YMC
This VXO transmitter was built fairly quickly once I had got my NOV for operation on 500kHz. It is largely based on the one I built for the UK 5MHz experimental allocation, in fact the VXO and PA are virtually identical.

Simple Low Cost MF CW TX by GW3UEP
Quick MF CW TX 501-504 kc/s 25W output

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