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Shack Accessoires - Audio

Amplified Speaker for MP3 Player by KD1JV
This amplified speaker fits into an Altoids sized tin box, runs on three “AAA” batteries, weighs 3.4 oz (with batteries) and can produce room filling sound with remarkable fidelity when combined with an acoustic “bass enhancing” resonator (empty plastic peanut butter jar).

Klik voor vergrotingMosfet headphone amplifier by PA2RF
Using only 12 components you can build your own 1-channel headphone amp. You can use it to connect it to the audio output of your CD- or MP3- player. Also it can be used as a final stage in your receiver designs.

Klik voor vergrotingResonate CW Speaker by KD1JV
What is a resonate CW speaker? Its a physically tuned speaker system which peaks a tone at a certain frequency (generally 600 Hz for CW) and attenuates other frequencies, similar to what a tuned electrical circuit does.

The HZX Headphone Adapter by N1BYT
Looking for a pair of high-quality, high-impedance headphones for that crystal radio project? Build the HZX headphone adapter and use your Walkman-style headphones instead!

Klik voor vergrotingZero-Beat Tuning Aid by N5ESE
Whether you're tone deaf, or just a geezer like myself, you might benefit with this handy little tuning aid. Connect it in parallel with your speaker or headphones. When you're ready to zero-beat the station calling CQ, press the pushbutton. ...

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