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Antenne-aanpassingen - Power/SWR-meters

50 Ohm SWR meetbrug door PAFNB
Als je veel met antennes bezig bent zoals op velddagen, vakanties en niet te vergeten thuis, is het prettig een meetinstrument te hebben om te zien wat je aan het doen bent.

Klik voor vergrotingA Resistive SWR Bridge by G3YCC
The bridge shown is popular with QRPers. There is no setting up to do and the circuit need not be laid out symetrically as with other designs.

Klik voor vergrotingA Simple LED SWR Bridge by GWQR
This simple SWR bridge uses a superbright LED instead of a meter and was described by G0WQR in Sprat 93. He found the LED is fully illuminated with less than 1 watt output and extinguishes when minimum VSWR is achieved.

Klik voor vergrotingA PIC16F876 based, automatic 1.8 60 MHz SWR/WATTmeter
This project describes a digital, totally automatic, version of the classic SWR meter, capable of displaying both the SWR and P.E.P. power values, with a bar graph on the second line tracking the instantaneous power.

Klik voor vergrotingDigital Wattmeter by OZ2CPU
This instrument can be used and calibrated from 1 kHz and up to 500 MHz. It is possible to measure power relative all the way up to 900Mhz. A software routine can calibrate the 0dBm point at 5 different frequencies to make this instrument accurate within 0.5dBm !!

Klik voor vergrotingL.F. VSWR Meter by GMRF
The circuit for the VSWR Meter is by no means original, but it is probably one of the most useful accessories that I've made for my LF station. Constructed from parts collected at Radio Rallies, the total cost was 8 ($12).

Klik voor vergrotingQRP Antenna Bridge by KB9II
I thought it would be a good idea to put in a few schematics for accessories that I've found useful here. One of these is an antenna bridge for QRP applications. I know of a few "thru-line" or wattmeter styles, but most SWR meters can't really go down to the low powers in QRP work.

Klik voor vergrotingQRP Power meter door PE1KQP
Dit is een eenvouduge relatieve powermeter tot maximaal 1 Watt.
De weerstanden en diode en condensator op het chassiedeel solderen.

Klik voor vergrotingQRP POWER METER and DUMMY LOAD by AA5TB
The above schematic is of my QRP power meter and dummy (50 Ohm) load combination. The 50 Ohm load consist of resistors R2 through R5. The four 200 Ohm resistors in parallel combine to make 50 Ohms.

Klik voor vergrotingQRP SWR Meter by JF1OZL
A lot of troubles occur, when I make expedition on the local hill. For example miss connection between transceiver and the antenna occurs sometimes. In order to avoid these troubles, I will recommend you to use the SWR-meter in every time of your QSO.

Klik voor vergrotingReturn Loss Bridge 1,8 MHz...1300 MHz by HA8ET

Klik voor vergrotingSimple QRP Reflectometer & Power Meter with By-pass Switch by GW3UEP

Klik voor vergrotingSWR meter voor de hogere frequenties door PE1KQP
Veel swr meters die voor de 27 mc verkocht worden zijn met een kleine aanpassing op 2 meter goed te gebruiken.
Om de bruikbaarheid te testen doe je de omkeerproef.

Klik voor vergrotingThe Resistive SWR Bridge by G3ROO
The resistive SWR bridge is highly recommended for both beginners and experienced constructors.

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