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Antenne-aanpassingen - Tuners

Klik voor vergroting"The 'Tenna Dipper" A Low Power Antenna Analyzer and ATU Tuning Aid by KD1JV
Using just a few mw of output power, this circuit is used to find the 50 ohm resonance frequency of antennas or can be used to adjust an Antenna Tuning Unit for 50 ohm match, without generating QRM.

40m High Power Mag Loop Tuner by G8ODE
The photograph on the left shows the mag loop's set up using heavy-duty insulated copper braid in the "Safari" location (aka in my back garden). The “Army Loop” tuner is at the bottom of the loop, with the Yaesu FT817 and external battery pack next to it.

Klik voor vergroting50 MHz (6 Meter) Tuner Circuits by AA3SJ
I own an Yaesu FT-817 that I wanted to use on 6 meters but none of my antenna tuners could match my antenna setup for that band.

Klik voor vergrotingA 40m through 17m Mini End-Fed Halfwave Antenna Coupler by AA5TB
A few years ago I built a little Rock-Mite transceiver for 40m. Since I enjoy using End-Fed Halfwave antennas so much I built a small coupler to use with my Rock-Mite.

Klik voor vergrotingA Mini Tuner for HF by K2JHU
This tiny tuning unit was descibed in the October 1995 edition of 73 magazine and will match from 80 - 10 metres, unbalanced. John has modified it by incorporating a balun and would send details of the unit if required.

Klik voor vergrotingA Multi-type (L - PI - T ) "one-box" Antenna Tuner by SV1BSX
My antenna tuner working perfect with any type of antenna from 80 up to 10 meters and I'm running about 150 Watts on the key without problem for many years.

A simple antenna tuner for 4m by G4CJZ
The original of this was found as a lump of militairy surplus at Longleat and cost the pricely sum of 50p!

Klik voor vergrotingA Single Coil Z-Match by G3WQW
This ATU was described by G3WQW in Sprat 84 and being balanced can accomodate balanced line, open wire feeder or 300 ohm slotted. 250pF polyvaricon capacitors can be used for up to 15 watts, and a T130-2 toroid.

Klik voor vergrotingA Tiny Z-match Tuner by JH5ESM
I made some field operations in May and June, 2005. During these field days, MFJ-945E (above, left) consumed large amount of volume in my backpack.
For this reason, I recently built a compact Z-match tuner (above, right) for field usage with my 7T9521 TX and 7R3357 RX.

Klik voor vergrotingALT - Altoids L Tuner by KD1JV
Versatile L tuner for end feed wire antennas, fits in an Altoids tin. A compact and light weight system for use in the field by campers and backpackers.

Antenna Tuning Unit by GŘUPL
This Antenna Tuning Unit also incorporates a 50-ohm QRP dummy load, power meter (1 or 10 Watts full scale), and SWR meter! I have used this ATU for a variety of longwire antennas, including outdoor antennas of various lengths ...

Klik voor vergrotingFixed Frequency "Tuner Dipper" by KD1JV
Operation is very simple. Connect the antenna tuner to the jack and power up the Tuner Dipper. Adjust the tuner until the LED goes out. You now have a 50 ohm match. Remove the Tuner dipper from the tuner and connect the rig to the tuner. Your now ready to operate.

Klik voor vergrotingHomebrew Antenna Tuner by AA5TB
For years I've thrown together simple antenna tuners to get me on the air when needed. Whenever I would go to a sidewalk sale or hamfest I would pick up any components that might someday come in handy to make a tuner.

Klik voor vergrotingHomebrew C-L-C QRP Antenna Tuner by 7N3WVM
This is a C-L-C type tuner with a reflected power indicator. Tuning is done for minimum reflected power. Forward power indicator is omitted because I know the output power of my transceiver anyway.

Klik voor vergrotingL-Match ATU by VK3VE
A compact L-match ATU for portable use.

Klik voor vergrotingModified Z Match ATU by G4RGN
This simple aerial tuning unit was described by Doug G4RGN in Sprat 78 and is a useful modification of the Z match. It uses a parallel circuit for 30 - 80 and a series tuned arrangement for the bands up to 10 metres.

Klik voor vergrotingQRP 30m through 17m End-Fed Halfwave Antenna Coupler/SWR bridge by AA5TB
One of my favorite single band portable antennas is the end fed halfwave antenna . Such an antenna requires a special coupling network to properly couple my 50 ohm coax to the antenna's high impedance (~5000 ohms).

QRP HF Antenna Match (160m-6m) by G3WME
QRP Antenna Match was originally designed for the Yaes13FT-817 Transceiver. The QRP ATU was set up and tested using The ICOM 735 on 5 Watts, I also checked that it would handle 10 watts safely before using it with the FT817.

QRP Mag Loop Tuner (80 –20m) by – G8ODE
If plagued by local QRM, lack of space or tall masts for a full-sized 80 or 40m dipole, the magnetic loop antenna may prove to be a useful alternative. It is relatively simple to make, does not depend on a good ground and operates well at low heights over short, medium and long distances.

Klik voor vergrotingQRP Tuner by OK4BX
I plan participate in QRP contest on lower bands from portable QTH. For this purpose I was considering what type of antenna use and finally I decided build QRP tuner for my 817 will be good idea.

QRP Z-Match Tuner (40 –10m) by – G8ODE
The Z Match is really a basic L Match consisting of a series capcitor C2a+C2b and variable shunt inductor L1 that is coupled to the antenna using the RF transformer action of L1/L2. The variable shunt inductor is created from fixed shunt inductor L1 connected in parallel with a variable capacitor C1a+C1b.

Klik voor vergrotingS-Match Tuner door PE1KQP
Veel amateurs denken dat voor QRP kleine antennes en kleine tuners gebruikt kunnen worden, maar dit is een foute gedachte. Je hebt maar weinig vermogen dus het rendement van je installatie moet maximaal zijn, dit geldt voor de gebruikte tuner en antenne. Voor draadantennes en voedingslijnen gebruiken we zo dik mogelijk koperdraad en geen ijzerdraad,

Klik voor vergrotingShort Whip Antenna Tuner by AA3SJ
Here is a circuit that will resonate a short whip antenna for the HF Bands. There is very little information about tuning a short whip on the net that I could find so I thought I'd post it here.

Small HF Mag-Loop & Antenna Tuner (40m-17m) by G3WME
Two Loops have been used with this Tuner, both described further on in this document.
Loop No. 1 : 4 metre loop made from 15mm diameter copper water pipe
Loop No. 2 : 3-4 metre loop made from either 3 or 4 one metre length of 20m wide aluminium strips.

SPC Antenna Tuner (160m-6m) by G3WME
The tuner’s inductor is wound on a 40mm white plastic drain pipe using black insulated multi-strand wire 24/0.2 overall diam 2.05mm. The capacitors are air-spaced 500pF of the variety used in domestic radios.

Klik voor vergrotingSuper Tee Antenna Tuner by W3TS
Seven slide switches and seven separate inductors are used to get a wide range of inductance while keeping a high Q. Thus, the tuner losses are very low, an important consideration in QRP operation.

Klik voor vergrotingThe 'Carlton' - a Portable Antenna Matching Unit by GW4ALG
When I started going 'bicycle portable' with my Elecraft K2 QRP transceiver, it became apparent that I needed a single unit that would provide the combined functions of dummy load; SWR bridge; multi-band antenna tuning unit (ATU) [or, more correctly, antenna matching unit]; and balun.

The Ultimate Transmatch by W1ICP
Some amateurs assume that because they use coaxial feed lines they don't need a Transmatch. This can be an incorrect assumption, and we'll try to show why in this article.

Z-match ATU covering 160m–10m by MŘEZP
As a new Ham, I put up a homebrew 40m coaxial dipole which wouldn’t even give me a good SWR on 40m! In frustration I looked around for an appropriate ATU circuit to build.

Z-match for QRP by PAŘCMU
The Z-match is a very popular antenna tuner in the world of QRP hams. Surfing the internet pages you can find kits like the NorCal's Balanced Line Tuner and the commercial ZM-2 sold by Emtech™.

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