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40m Projekten - Diverse Antenne's

Klik voor vergroting"ZIPPIRO" the zipped antenna by IZ7DJR
Very compact and high efficiency antenna ,very low radiation angle even at low height. Surprisingly good signal reports.

40m Receiver EH Antenna by G8ODE
The two aluminium 50 mm tubes form a capacitor, and together with the variable capacitor are wired in parallel with the 16 turns coil. The antenna is coupled with the second coil of 3.5 turns coil. that connects the SO239 socket directly feeding the radio.

Klik voor vergrotingActive Ferrite Rod Antenna for HF by OH7SV
The red connector is for an optional external antenna wire and the black connector is for a ground wire. The red is wired to secondary winding and the black is connected to the circuit ground plane.

Klik voor vergrotingActive Ferrite Rod Antenna by OH2NLT
Matti OH7SV did some tests to find out if Active Ferrite Rod antenna can be build for 80 / 40 Meter ham band reception.
I did boxed version of this antenna for practical tests. Antenna construction presented with few pictures.

EH Antenna for 7MHz by F5SWN
An 50 cm (19.68 in.) 7MHz antenna suitable for indoor or a small outdoor cleared area?

Klik voor vergrotingFerrite Rod TX Antennas by G3XBM
As a quick experiment today (Jan 31st 2013) I tried using my small ferrite rod as a TX antenna. The rod has about 80 turns of 0.5mm diameter wire wound on it for when it is used as a loading coil on 472kHz.

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