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17m Projekten - Antenne's

Klik voor vergroting17 meter Moxon by AE6AC
A friend of mine, Steve Hammer K6SGH introduced me to the Moxon Wire Beam antenna last year in 2004. He had a 17m Moxon hanging at about 35’ from a large eucalyptus tree in his yard.

Klik voor vergroting3 + 3 El. Yagi for 12/17 Mt by IK4DCS
This English web page is still under construction.
The measures and drawing are already available.

Klik voor vergrotingA Hanging Rectangular Loop Antenna by KT4QW
This page describes a rotatable hanging loop antenna that has been specifically designed for hanging in a tree... Horizontally polarized with a broad azimuth pattern and gain of nearly 3dB over a simple horizontal dipole!

Klik voor vergrotingAn Hexagonal Beam in 3 hours.. by EI7BA
Over the last few years, I have heard guys using Hexbeam antennas. As this antenna was new to me, I got a few of these stations to rotate their beams so I could see the front-to-back ratio.

Klik voor vergrotingDualband 17m/20m Moxon by N3OX
When BS7H came up in May 2007, I knew I would need a better antenna to have a chance at working them from the East Coast. I had a 20m Moxon Rectangle stowed away in the shack that I had built very carefully and never put up.

Klik voor vergrotingMonoband 3 El. Yagi for 17 Mt by IK4DCS
After many years of home-self construction and many pounds of aluminium passing under my hands, my skill has been making progress either concerning type and weight of the material used.

Klik voor vergrotingRotary Dipole for 12/17 Mt by IK4DCS
After all the experiments on the WARC bands self-made antennas I had just to try with a coax-cable-trapped rotating dipole.

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