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472 kHz Projekten - Zenders

Klik voor vergroting1W MF CW QTX by GW3UEP
Simple Quick-Start 1W MF TX.
Developed with GW4HXO, EIØCF & EI6DN.

Klik voor vergroting100W MF CW TX by GW3UEP
The 100W MF CW transmitter and 25W QTX [Quick-TX] were developed from earlier VMOS Versions used on 160/80m/70MHz in the 1980’s. All versions used the same L-section output configuration with high efficiency. When the 500kHz SRP/NOV arrived in 2007, the solution was to hand and the QTX was born!

Klik voor vergroting472 kHz Transmitter by M1GEO
The output from this amplifier is small (around 980mV unloaded, about 290mV into 47Omega). The scope trace below shows what the DDS-60’s output looks at 472 kHz. The sinewaves are a little flat-topped but this doesn’t matter as it’s only at the driver stage.

Klik voor vergroting472-479 kHz CMOS VFO for 100W QTX PA by GW3UEP
Simple stable low-cost VFO.

Klik voor vergroting6AG7/807 transmitter for 472 kHz by VK1SV
No commercial radio amateur gear currently supports 472 kHz for transmitting, so a transmitter has to be built from scratch. I selected to build a transmitter using valves.

Klik voor vergrotingThe GW3UEP 630m TX In QRSS Mode by VE2SL
By all accounts, the little transmitter designed by GW3UEP and detailed on his website, is an efficient performer and would be a great 'first' rig for 630m CW.

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