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2m Projekten - Voorversterkers

Klik voor vergroting144MHz Preamplifier by HS8JYX
This preamplifier can be used with existing 2 metre equipment, or ahead of the 144MHz converter described later. TR1 is the 40602 or 40673 (Dual-gate VHF amp.and mixer.).

Klik voor vergroting2m & 70cm PREAMPS for Satellite work (ON6UG design) by ON7EQ
The PREAMP is of wideband design. Please note that for certain applications, a narrow band design would be more desirable. Be sure that the preamp is not overloaded by nearby FM broadcast or utility VHF-signals etc.

Klik voor vergroting2m Band VHF Antenna Pre-Ampilfier by SV1BSX
I have an old VHF transceiver a little-bit "deaf"! By adding the following VHF pre-amp as 1st stage, the improving of sensitivity is spectacular. The pre-amp including also a Band-Pass input filter which rejects any undesirable signal outside of 2 m. Band.

Klik voor vergroting2m Preamp by PH2LB
I had plans for months now to build a 2m preamp based on a schematic from SV1BSX a 2m VHF preamp with about 18dB gain. Last month I had worked out the component layout for the PCB and recently I had time for a realize this afternoon hamradio project.

Klik voor vergrotingPré-Amp door PE1KQP
Deze Pre-Amp is een eenvoudig zelfbouwprojectje. Het is een universele voorversterker met de BFR 90 of 91 die voor enkele euro s te bouwen is. De gain is ongeveer 20 DB en het ruisgetal is beter dan 1,5 DB.

Klik voor vergrotingPreampli 144 ATF-54143 de F1AFJ
Pour faire une suite la mesure du bruit , voici un exemple de préampli performant.

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