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40m Projekten - CW Zendontvangers

Klik voor vergroting2009 ~ The 40M CW Transceiver by N6QW
It all started with receiving my GQRP SPRAT late in September 2009. In that wonderful publication was a project to build a simple regenerative receiver.

Klik voor vergroting2N2/40 - Original 2N2/40 CW Transceiver by K8IQY
In the fall of 1997, the Northern California QRP Club (NorCal) sponsored a contest. The contest objective was to design and build a functional amateur radio transceiver, using a maximum of 22, 2N2222 type transistors.

Klik voor vergroting2N2/40+ - A 40 Meter, Discrete Component CW Transceiver by K8IQY
The original configuration of the 2N2/40+ incorporated essentially the same main circuitry as my original 2N2/40, but on a larger footprint, 5X7 inches instead of the original 4X5 inches. This change was made to encourage other builders to try building the design.

Klik voor vergroting40 Meter Glowbug and Power Supply by KD6CC
This is 40 Meter, 3 Tube Qrp Transceiver. It has a Regenerative receiver that uses a 3A4, and a two tube transmitter using two, 3S4's for approximately 2 watts output.

Klik voor vergroting49er Tupiniquim Transceiver by PY2OHH
This project was born when talking with Carlos PY2CSU, we discussed about which transceiver type would be easy to build, with available parts and showing good results. After the 49er came this!

Klik voor vergroting40m Cristal Pixie by PY2OHH
The famous Pixie is a little CW QRP, probabily the most popular in the Ham world. The schematics is easy to find over the internet, from brazilian to japaneses sites, in that way I find my first Pixie and a lot of mods.

Klik voor vergroting7MHz CW transceiver by JF1OZL
7MHz is best band in order to make domestic QSO. But 7MHz ssb is too crowded to make QSO with QRP. Therefore 7MHz CW is best way to make domestic QSO. I will show you my handmade 7MHz CW QRP trx.

Klik voor vergroting7MHz CW transceiver using MC3362 by JG1EAD
A 7MHz CW transceiver using MC3362, a narrow band FM double super receiver circuit IC, has finally been completed. Initially, it was manufactured for the 10MHz band, but due to unexpected proximity spurious, etc., the frequency was changed to the 7MHz band and production was continued.

Klik voor vergroting7TR1015BB “All PNP on Breadboard” Transceiver by JH5ESM
A QRP transceiver for 7MHz CW only made of single kind of general purpose PNP transistor is presented. No other semiconductor devices (even diodes!) are used. The circuit is built on a solderless breadboard so that it is easy to build, repair and modify it.

Klik voor vergrotingA 40 meter QRP-Transceiver by DL5NEG
This was one of my very first transceiver developments. This page was also one of the very first circuit descriptions that I put on the internet quite some years ago.

Klik voor vergrotingPLL tuner for 7MHz QRP Transceiver by DL5NEG
I had developed the 7 MHz CW TRX for my first trip to the US. The receiver worked very well. (Actually a lot better than here in Europe since they do not have high power broadcast stations on 7.1 MHz).

A 40 meters CW QRP transceiver by IK3OIL
This project describes a little QRP transceiver “full legal power” (5W at 12V) for the 40 meters band. The RIG may be built in a gradual manner, in fact it is divided in two main modules, ...

An optimized QRP Transceiver for 7MHz
Here is a rig that provides real challenge for the QRP home builder. Nonetheless, this is a classic circuit and a favorite in the QRP community.

Klik voor vergrotingCAIAPÓ - 40m CW Transceiver 1W with 74HC4066 IC by PY2OHH
Following the experimentation with the 74HC4066 chip we decided to build a transceiver based in the receiver described here in this page.
Once more we look up the articles of our friend and namesake PA2OHH Onno, and we observed that it will not be so difficult...

Klik voor vergrotingCAPYAU 1 - Novo TRX 40m CW com mixer a diodos por PY2OHH
Mais um projeto de transceptor para 40m ? Não simplesmente um projeto, mas a reunião de muita coisa que aprendemos com nossas experiências. As principais novidades : No receptor O uso de pré-amplificador de RF, de um mixer a diodos balanceado (não duplamente) e um controle de ganho para o amplificador de áudio, trazem como resultado um excelente desempenho, podendo ser ouvidas estações de DX e o não saturamento do mixer com sinais fortes.

Klik voor vergrotingCAPYAU 2 - Novo TRX 40m CW mixer TA7358 por PY2OHH
Mais um projeto de transceptor para 40m ? Não simplesmente um projeto, mas a reunião de muita coisa que aprendemos com nossas experiências, agora na versão 2 As principais novidades : No receptor O uso de pré-amplificador de RF separado, de um mixer a TA7358 e um controle de ganho para o amplificador de áudio, trazem como resultado um excelente desempenho, melhorando a recepção das estações de DX sem o saturamento do mixer com sinais fortes.

Klik voor vergrotingCURUMIM - The world smallest 40m CW transceiver by PY2OHH
After the success of the CANARINHO and the CURRUIRA we decide to made a transceiver with the minimum number of discrete components. This is the CURUMIM.
There are only 12 components! We assembly in two modules, we try some different audio circuits. But the audio amplifier using the LM386 was the best.

Klik voor vergrotingForty - Oner by SP5DDJ
This name and part of schematic are taken from 49'er where 40 represents the band, and 9 is 9V battery to supply the rig.

Klik voor vergrotingGOITACAS - 40m 5W transceiver with 74HC4066 by PY2OHH
In the last project with the 74HC4066, it it was acting as to mixer, buffer, oscillator VXO and driver in the Tx. In order to increase the power, I decide to substitute the VXO who uses na analogic gate of the 74HC4066, for a VXO using a BJT transistor. Now the two remaining analogics gates are in parallel circuit.

Klik voor vergrotingHomebrew 40m CW Transceiver by 7N3WVM
Homebrew 40m CW Transceiver. Frequency range 7.000-7.030 MHz. RX part: Superheterodyne with RIT and side tone. TX part: Output power 3 Watts with 7.5 Volts 1.0 Amps.

Klik voor vergrotingJABAQUARA - A 40m Transceiver by PY2OHH
The idea for the JABAQUARA was born in the Yahoo list QRP-BR, where folks always spoke very well from the SW-40, then we resolved to take the enterprise of "tropicalize" the SW-40.

Klik voor vergrotingJABURU -40m CW TRX using a DC PHASE RX (LSB) by PY2OHH
A transceiver with a DC phase receiver.
I was surfing the WEB searching interesting things and I find a article of my friend Onno PA2OHH. We decide to copy the idea and thus the JABURU was born.

Klik voor vergrotingJURITY - 40m CW superhet transceiver by PY2OHH
Sometime back I was visited by PY2CQM ... As he gave an american book about RF as a gift, I asked him how could I repay for it... and this way I was without my super heterodyne transceiver for 40m and the JURITY project was born.

Klik voor vergrotingLACRAIA - A different 40m CW Transceiver by PY2OHH
We show here the "LACRAIA", a transceiver based in the 74HC240, an 8 gates inverter buffer IC. This transceiver was born from the experiments done using high speed digital ICs in radio frequency applications.

Klik voor vergrotingNew 40 meter QRPp Radio by WA6OTP
This is the new Transmitter/Receiver rig for backpacking. It is 3 inches square. It is the same radio as the 80 meter rig. The PTO tunes 150 kc of the band. With one turn it tunes 12 kc.

Klik voor vergrotingPixie III by ND6T
Up for a challenge? How about building a real minimalist station from scratch and then seeing how many stations you can talk to? I'm going to describe one of the simplest transceivers ever built.

Klik voor vergrotingPT40 - 40 Meter Transceiver by AA3SJ
This was my first attempt at putting together a few "pet" circuits to make a transceiver. Special thanks to Mike, W3TS, and to Wes, W7ZOI, for helpful and much appreciated elmering.

Klik voor vergrotingSACI 1 - Transceptor Simples De CW by PY2OHH
O transmissor é o "SOVINA" um TX classe E com alta eficiencia, descrito anteriormente. Já o receptor tem uma novidade : o mixer é o transistor PA sem alimentação de Vcc, o resultado é um otimo receptor, considerando a simplicidade.

Klik voor vergrotingTransceiver ultra-simple sur 40m de F6FEO
Voici la description d'un transceiver ultra-simple pour le décamétrique. La version décrite ci-après est monobande, mais rien n'empêche de la réaliser multibande.

Klik voor vergrotingUn transceiver CW 40m QRP 1 Watt de F6GLZ
Ce petit transceiver CW, 40m , 1 Watt a été décrit dans QST de Novembre 1994 par Dave Benson, NN1G et republié dans « QRP Power » aux éditions ARRL.

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