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80m Projekten - CW Zendontvangers

Klik voor vergroting3.5MHz 5W CW Transceiver by JF1OZL
I operated 3.5MHz SSB for two weeks. But 10W SSB was too weak to make CQ by myself. 3.5MHz band is very noisy in Japan. Therefore I decided to make and operate 3.5MHz CW with QRP.

Klik voor vergroting80 m Transceiver by GW4ALG
The home made transceiver covers 3.5 to 3.6 MHz and is CW only.

Klik voor vergroting80 Meter CW Five Watt QRP Transceiver by K3NG
This project originally started out on the bench as a 40 meter phone transceiver. In one evening I changed various parts to transform the project into an 80 meter rig.

Klik voor vergroting80 Meter CW Transceiver door PA2OHH
80 meter band CW transceiver met een directe conversie ontvanger met zijband onderdrukking.

Klik voor vergroting80 meter QRPp Radio by WA6OTP
This is a new Transmitter/Receiver for backpacking. This has a 800 milliwatt transmitter and an NE602 receiver. It now has side tone and a PTO RIT.

Klik voor vergroting80m FETer QRPp CW transceiver by G3XBM
Some years ago a beautifully simple circuit for a 40m CW transceiver by W2UW was published in GQRP SPRAT.
This inspired me to have a go at an even simpler version for 80m using just 14 parts apart from the key and crystal earpiece.

Klik voor vergroting80m XBM80-2 QRP CW transceiver by G3XBM
This is an experimental CW transceiver for 80m, although the same idea will work on all HF bands. So far I have only used it on the bench and not on the air. I have called it the XBM80-2 (80m two transistors - very original!).

Klik voor vergrotingA Rig for the MAS Contest by KD1JV
The M.A.S., (Minimal Art Session) is a contest started by Dr. Harmut "Hal" Weber, DJ7ST. (Now a SK)The idea behind this contest is to encourage Hams to build and operate a rig using a minimal number of parts. The rig I came up with uses 51 parts for a complete transceiver, giving a 50% bonus.

Klik voor vergrotingEighty - Oner by SP5DDJ
For many Hams 80m band is most accesible, so I developed another one-watter based on VXO.

Klik voor vergrotingFKM QRP 5 Tranceiver door PA3FKM
Dit ontwerp heb ik gemaakt naar aanleiding van veel opmerkingen van Robert over diverse andere ontwerpen voor eenvoudige kortegolf tranceivers met klein vermogen.

Klik voor vergrotingKEROKERO - 80m transceiver CW QSK by PY2OHH
The 80m band is a bit deserted! We decided to build something, this is the first project in a series, it is a transceiver with simple parts, with a direct conversion receiver and a basic 4W TX.

Klik voor vergrotingMicro 80 CW transceiver by MØDAD
The Micro 80 was first designed by a Russian amateur radio operator Oleg Borodin (RV3GM). After this it became open season for amateur stations building small transceivers. It was this design that lead to the pixie transceiver. The Micro 80 was the first transceiver I have built.

Klik voor vergrotingPixie 2 CW transceiver by MØDAD
The Pixie 2 is a small minimalist CW transceiver, based upon ideas from Oleg Borodins Micro 80 TRX. The circuit requires very few parts to make a fully working QRP rig. It is a two transistor transmitter, using 2N3904 transistors. It has a crystal controlled Colpitts oscillator which is left running and a keyed PA.

Klik voor vergrotingPIXIE 2 Transceiver G3LHJ's Version of WA6BOY's Tiny Rig
This modified version of W6BOY's little rig was published in Sprat number 88. The rig is designed for 80m and although very simple, it can give interesting results.

Klik voor vergrotingPUPS 80 by WA6OTP
Camp Radio

Klik voor vergrotingThe AP-80 An Alternative Pixie by KD1JV
The Pixie is about the simplest rig ever devised, using just 2 transistors and a LM386 audio amp. Unfortunetly, it's also one of the poorest performing rigs ever devised. It's deficentcies are too numberus to list.

The Micro-80 Mini Transceiver by RV3GM
The circuit is a simple QSK transceiver for 80 metres which could be adapted for other bands by changing the crystal and L,C in the output circuit.

Klik voor vergrotingThe RixPix by KE3IJ
The Pixie, Pixie-II, etc., are a very popular group of QRP tranceivers among Hams who are interested in building "minimalist" rigs. The original Pixie design, which can be found at many sites on the Web, consisted of a crystal oscillator followed by a one stage, milliwatt power amp, with a Pi output filter feeding a 50 ohm antenna.

Klik voor vergrotingThe ROSE 80 CW Transceiver by N1HFX
A great deal of interest has been generated by my previous design articles, so I decided to go to work on a full blown transceiver design. After several months of work, the ROSE-80 transceiver was born. This transceiver is similar to other designs but contains some unique differences.

Klik voor vergrotingTiny Tornado for 80m by PA3HCM
Many years ago I built a prototype of the famous “Pixie 2”, one of the simplest and smallest CW transceivers ever designed. The main issue is that the TX and RX frequency is the same, so the opposite station needs to shift which he probably doesn’t know, so it takes quite some patience to get a successful QSO. Once published, lots of improved designs appeared in magazines and on the internet, one of them being the “Tiny Tornado”.

Klik voor vergrotingUnichip 80m CW Transceiver by GØUPL
This project somehow grabbed my imagination. It's a complete 80m transceiver in one chip, the CA3086 transistor array. One transistor for crystal oscillator, one for a PA, and three for the audio amplification ...

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