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80m Projekten - Ontvangers

Klik voor vergroting40m or 80m Regen RX by G3XBM
The regen receiver is an amazing piece of electronics.
With the circuit shown the receiver can pull in SSB/CW stations well from all over Europe on 40m (or 80m) with ease.

Klik voor vergroting80m Band Direct Conversion Receiver by DL2YEO
The first differential amplifier inside the NE592 is used in this application (unlike it's normal function) as a symmetrical mixer.

Klik voor vergroting80 metre direct conversion receiver by VK1PK

Klik voor vergroting80-meter peilontvanger/receiver door PAØHRX
Hrx80, 80-meter peilontvanger/receiver.

Klik voor vergroting80 Metre Receiver by EI9GQ
This 80M receiver design includes the necessary switching to allow the SSB filter and first I.F. amplifier to be used for transmitting. The receiver stages from R.F. input to speaker output will be described in detail below.

Klik voor vergroting80-meter Regenerative Receiver by K9PPW
I included this schematic of one of Bob's homebrew projects, an 80-meter regenerative receiver that uses only TWO transistors. This receiver is quite sensitive. The goal here was to make a receiver that has SMOOTH regeneration control, that doesn't "pop" into oscillation and "hop" frequency or pull as the gain is increased.

Klik voor vergroting80 metre superhet SSB receiver by VK3YE

Klik voor vergroting80 meter vossenjacht ontvanger door PE7M
In dit artikel beschrijven wij de 80-meter vossenjachtontvanger zoals wij die hebben gebouwd op de VRZA radiokampweek 1999.

Klik voor vergrotingDirect conversion 80m receiver by OK1AYU
The aim of this project was to build a simple and cheap receiver for the new hams. Three receivers similar to the shown have been built by the students of our school.

Klik voor vergrotingIntegrated Circuit Receiver by SMØVPO
The CA3123E is a simple single superhet receiver and is designed for operation in the medium waveband. I have used this IC up to 4 MHz with 100% success.

Klik voor vergroting'One Chip' Receiver by GØFGI [G3YCC]
The circuit is of an 80 meter band one chip DC receiver, (excluding the AF stage). As you can see the design utilises the NE602 as VXO/mixer. It is economical with components.

Klik voor vergrotingOne Chip 80m Receiver by GØFGI [YO5OFH]
The circuit is of an 80 meter band one chip DC receiver, (excluding the AF stage). As you can see the design utilises the NE602 as VXO/mixer. It is economical with components.

Klik voor vergrotingRegenerative TRF Receiver by EI9GQ
I have received several e-mail messages from people looking for a design for a very simple receiver.I decided to use a computer sound card as the A.F. amplifier for a simple TRF receiver.

Rescaling the MRX-40 Receiver for 80 Meters by K7SZ
Last October I found myself on a flight to Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida ... Before leaving, I put a request on the QRP-L e-mail reflector for ideas or designs for a companion receiver kit to match the NoGANaut 80-meter trx.

Klik voor vergrotingSignal Frequency Beat Frequency Oscillator by VK3YE
The days when you could listen to amateurs on a simple shortwave AM receiver are with us again, thanks to the development of this one-transistor, frequency-agile signal frequency beat frequency oscillator.

Klik voor vergrotingSmall 80m direct conversion RX by VK2ZAY
I used the same unit that I built as a prototype for the LO in this project. I've added a buffer, mixer, an AF and RF amp of my own design, to make a very usable and quite compact 80m receiver.

Klik voor vergrotingThe AGC-80 by KE3IJ
Here's a Regenerative Receiver project that I designed for the 80 meter Amateur band, but which can also be used in a wider-tuning configuration that covers approximately 3 MHz to 10 MHz, for Shortwave (World Band) listeners.

Klik voor vergrotingThe AGC-80/30 by KE3IJ
TA Dual-Band Regenerative Receiver for 80 Meters and 30 Meters, with Audio-Derived AGC

Klik voor vergrotingThe AGC-80/40 by KE3IJ
A Regenerative Receiver with AGC for 80 and 40 Meters

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