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HF Propagation


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Multiband HF Projects - Transmitters

An experimental DSB/CW QRP rig for 20 and 40 meter bands by IK3OIL
The building of an HF phone rig today isn't shurely a simple job, however I'd like to propose an easy-tomake project, suited for portable or emergency use.

Click to enlargeBIGODE - A RX, TX, TRX QRPp QRP for beginners by PY2OHH
This project is in homage to the colleague SK PY1AFA, GIL (Gilberto Affonso Penna) was director of our main Ham magazine. The name MUSTACHE (BIGODE) is because the Gil exhibited a great mustache.

Click to enlargeBIGODE Multibanda - Um TRX CW 4W para 20, 15 e 10m by PY2OHH
Continuing our assemblies with the BIGODE, we showt here the triband version.
The choice of the bands was in function of the antenna that we have at the moment and had been 3 bands due the amount of keys 2 poles 2 positions to be used.

Klik voor vergrotingDirect Conversion HF Transceiver with DDS LO by OH7SV & OH2NLT
Direct conversion HF radio with DDS frequency synthesizer is very interesting concept. OH7SV and OH2NLT are experimenting with such rig. Full stories will become available when project matures. Here we have some preview pictures and material.

Click to enlargeFour Band CW Transceiver by PA2OHH
The performance of the 80 meter CW transceiver using the phase method for side band suppression is very good. Construction was easy with all good obtainable standard electronic components ...

Click to enlarge"HappyHolidays TRX" - A four band VXO tuned 1 watt QRP CW transceiver by PA2OHH
A simple, solid rig for outdoor use during Holidays. More is possible with this solid QRP rig than you should expect. Just try it and do not give up soon!

Click to enlargeThe Wheel is a DSB Transceiver for 80, 40 or 20 Meter by PA3ANG
The transceiver got its name during the Dutch ‘night owls’ net. We all know the expression 're-inventing the wheel'. People thought Fred (PA0MER) was re-invented the wheel. In this case a transceiver using techniques of the past.

Click to enlargeHF Tranceiver by EI9GQ
This page will describe the construction of a multi band SSB transceiver. Because I do 99% of my operating on my four favourite bands, I decided to build a four band rig with provision for adding a fifth band later.

Klik voor vergrotingHF Transceiver by I6WJB & I6YPK
The transceiver that you can see in the photo is the result of numerous workhours of Pierluigi and myself. It has been built in two specimens. It is running since several years in our stations and has given us big satisfactions.

Click to enlargeHigh Performance HF Transceiver by VA3IUL
High Performance HF Transceiver.

Click to enlarge"HIS TRX" for the Barefoot Hiker! by PA2OHH
It is designed for the Barefoot Hiker. His life style is Back to the Basics and that is indeed what Barefoot hiking in nature and working with the HIS transceiver are. HIS is the abbreviation for He Is Simple!

Home-Made KW-Transceiver durch DC4KU
Prinzipaufbau eines großsignalfesten KW-Transceivers mit hochliegender 1. ZF.

Click to enlargeMinima -A general coverage transceiver by VU2ESE
The Minima is a simple and easy to operate transceiver for all the HF bands with a crisp receiver, a clean output and component cost of less than $100.

Click to enlargeMultiband shortwave tranceiver by PE1JPD
During the spring 2013 I decided to build a shortwave transceiver to participate in the vacation round on 40meters. First with 15W only on 40 meters, and with an open dipole on the camping 3 meters above ground I worked a lot of stations in all of Europe.

Click to enlarge"MY TRX" All band CW transceiver 5 watt QRP by PA2OHH
"MY TRX" is indeed my transceiver. It is not a perfect transceiver, but good enough for a lot of perfect QSO's. The transceiver has general coverage reception from 1.8 to 30 MHz.

click to enlargeA QRP SSB Transceiver by WB9IPA
After having been substantially inactive for the last several years, I decided to get back into amateur radio. Having always preferred tinkering with radios over operating them, I decided ... to build a radio ...

The NorCal Sierra: An 80-15 M CW Transceiver
Most home-built QRP transceivers cover a single band, for good reason: complexity of the circuit and physical layout can increase dramatically when two or more bands are covered.

Click to enlargeWall Wart Powered "Joneset" Transceiver by K5BCQ
My criteria was: - Basic single tube (dual triode) Frank Jones "One Tuber" design point from 1935 for the receiver, but add an RF amp for isolation to prevent uneccessary radiation.

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Last update : 16/08/2018 @ 15:32
Category : Multiband HF Projects
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