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Transistors BF-Serie - BF245

Datasheet BF245 Fairchild

Circuit Guitar Pre-ampGuitar Pre-amp BF245 and BF256
Very easy to build, operate with 9 V battery. Unlikeprevious FET based Guitar pre amp which has gain of close to 1, which is presented here provide the gain (if all goes well).

Micro-Spy with FETsMicro-Spy with FETs
T1 & T2 are BF245 N-channel FET's and can be replaced with a NTE133. The ECG312 could likely be used also. The varactor diode BA121 can be replaced with a ECG/NTE611. USW stands for 'Ultra-Short-Wave'.

Noise Meter CircuitSave Your Ears - A Noise Meter Circuit
With just a handful of components, you can build a simple but effective sound level meter for your sound system. This sort of circuit is also called a VU meter. The abbreviation ‘VU’ stands for ‘volume unit’, which is used to express the average value of a music signal over a short time

Creation date : 24/11/2013 @ 22:22
Last update : 25/11/2013 @ 21:20
Category : Transistors BF-Serie
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