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HF Propagation


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Transistors BC-Serie - BC108

Datasheet BC108 Philips

Click to enlargeLight switch
This project will let you make a switch that will be activated by light falling on a sensor. It is a very useful device and can be used in automatism’s, security systems, counters, remote controls etc. It is very sensitive, fast acting and reliable.

Click to enlargeMono Preamp Mic based BC108 Transistor
The microphone preamp based transistor described here is powered by 9 V and less than 1 mA current consumption, it will allows you to use a small 9 V rectangular conventional battery for several hours.

Click to enlargeTV Transmitter Circuit
Here's a simple schematic of a TV transmitter circuit or video transmitter circuit which is able to broadcast on VHF between 60 to 200 MHz. The input video can be from any CCD camera and VCR.

Click to enlargeTwo Transistor Amp
A very simple two transistor amp circuit which can be use in any place where a little amplification of audio is required. This simple transistor amp is built around two BC108 transistors and few components.

Creation date : 02/12/2012 @ 00:16
Last update : 14/10/2015 @ 12:30
Category : Transistors BC-Serie
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