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Tubes - PL509

The National Valve MuseumPL509 @ The National Valve Museum [Datasheet]
The PL509 was one of the last TV line timebase output pentode valves to be designed. The PL519 replaced the PL509 and was pin compatible. These valves were designed for service in colour television receivers employing shadow mask tubes.

Click to enlargeLinear-Endstufe mit PL509 / PL519 durch DL2YEO
Die PL509/519 sind zwar keine echten Senderöhren, aber diverse Artikel und Bauprojekte im Internet belegen, dass man damit durchaus eine zufriendstellend funktionierende KW-Endstufe (Linear RF Amplifier) für wenig Geld bauen kann.

Creation date : 01/12/2012 @ 23:28
Last update : 13/08/2015 @ 11:02
Category : Tubes
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