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500 kHz Projects - Transceivers

Click to enlarge472kHz Transverter by G3XBM
This page details the build of a transverter for the new 630m amateur band, expected to be released in the UK Jan 1st 2013.

Klik voor vergroting500 Watt 472 KHz transverter by PA3BCA
An ft817 transceiver is used in combination with this transverter. The transverter is only used during transmission (for now?), reception on 500 KHz is done directly by the ft817. This posed some problems as the ft817 is not very well suited for reception on 500 KHz so some additional filtering was needed. See the topic "Active RX Antenna"

Creation date : 28/10/2012 @ 09:42
Last update : 27/11/2016 @ 16:07
Category : 500 kHz Projects
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