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4m Projects - Antennas

Click to enlarge70MHz Big Wheel by OE5MPL
Not drawn is the fixing point of the female N-connector and the center conductor on upper part of hub. We fixed the antenna with a 50 mm diameter aluminium pipe, which was welded onto the lower hub.

Click to enlarge70MHz Quarter Wave Ground Plane Antenna by MØUKD
The quarter wave is a good reliable antenna, and SWR is very robust and not affected by rain or snow etc. It can be built with very predictable results, even near trees or buildings, due to it’s low feed impedance.

Klik voor vergroting70 MHz Yamag antenna by IKØSMG
After that I have realized the Yagi-Mag (feed slot magnetic) for the 2 m with good performance (you see iw0ffk site) I have constructed this for the 70 MHz. This is the result, simulation and real.

Click to enlarge"Hen-Tenna" for 4m by G4UNB
Having read about the "Hen-Tenna", an unusual rectangular antenna design for the high HF and low VHF bands, I wanted to try one of these on four metres.

Click to enlargeA dipole for 70MHz (4m) by MØUKD
Today, I finally built a ½ λ dipole for 4m,using two 1 metre lengths of 6mm aluminium tube, and all terminations are inside a waterproof electrical box.

Click to enlargeA Super J-Pole Antenna for the 4m (70Mhz) Amateur band by EI4DIB
The Vortex ‘Super J-Pole’ Antenna consists of a five eighth wave vertical radiator, a half wave tuning section and a half wave top section. At the base, a quarter wave matching stub forms the classic ‘J Shape’.

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Last update : 14/08/2018 @ 15:51
Category : 4m Projects
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