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2m Projects - Directional Antennas

Click to enlarge144MHz 2m Portable Yagi VHF Beam Antenna by MUKD
This page contains construction details on a 2 metre 144MHz VHF Yagi beam antenna, designed for portable use.

Click to enlarge144MHz 9 Element (DK7ZB) by DF9CY
Around Christmas 2003 I decided to give 2m (144 MHz) another "kick". I have looked to the GT tables provided by Lionel Edwards VE7BQH and found the DK7ZB 9 ele to be a good antenna for my purpose.

Click to enlarge144MHz Longyagis (28-Ohm) by DK7ZB
High gain, good pattern and acceptable bandwidth. These aims can be realized with a radiation-resistance of 25-35Ohms. Because the 28-Ohm-feedpoint is very simple to match, I use this impedance for my long Yagis.

Click to enlarge2 Meter Moxon by PA1EJO
After the most recent fox hunt I thought that a smaller antenna would be helpful, so I went for the moxon for 2 meter, material used: 32 mm PVC tube etc, coax cable, glue, tie wraps, 4 mm brass bar...

Click to enlarge2 Meter Quagi 97 by W5UN
The W5UN Quagi 97 is a computer optimized quagi derived from the original W5UN Quagi of the early 1980s. The length of the 1997 model has been deliberately shortened to allow it fit on a 24 foot boom.

Click to enlarge2m-SSB/CW-12.5-Ohm-Yagis with extrem high gain and small bandwidth by DK7ZB
For Yagis with a boom of >=1,5 lambda you should prefer 28-Ohm-Yagis, they have only 0,05dB less than the 12,5-Ohm-types with the same length, but have more bandwith and are less critical.

2m/70cm Portable Tape Measure Beam by W6NBC
Work the OSCAR ham satellites orgo transmitter hunting with this inexpensive portable dual band handheld tape measure Yagi.

Click to enlargeAntenna insulators for DK7ZB antenna builders by 9A4QV
This antenna insulators or holders idea is mainly dedicated to all Hams building DK7ZB style designed yagis. Known design include Wimo plastic insulators for 15mm or 20mm boom.

Click to enlarge2 Meter Turnstile Antenna by WB8ERJ
A Turnstile antenna with a reflector underneath it makes a good antenna for space communications because it produces a circularly polarized signal pattern and also has a broad, high angle pattern.

Click to enlarge2 Meter Vertical Moxon by WB5CXC
Here is some data on a 2M vertical polarized antenna I built this week. I'm not sure about the gain but the front to back ratio is very good and conforms to the model.

Click to enlarge2m-Yagis with the 28-Ohm-DK7ZB-Match by DK7ZB
Short means, that these Yagis have not the length for EME-groups... All Yagis have a stretched dipole (the lengths in the tables are from tip-to tip), for the details see 'The DK7ZB-Match for Yagis'.

3-element VHF Yagi for 2meters by ON6MU
3-element VHF Yagi for 2 meters.

7 dB for 7 Bucks by WBCMT
Need a 2-meter beam antenna, but you're short on cash?
You can build this antenna for the cost of a fast-food meal!

Click to enlargeAn 8x2 Element Array Antenna for 144MHz by DF3LP
Optimized 6/9 element VHF Yagi Antenna.

A Portable Quad for 2 Meters by WA9GDZ/6
Backpacking, boating or mountaintopping? invest an afternoon's work and pack this novel directional gain antenna on your next expedition.

Click to enlargeCheap and simple VHF-/UHF-Yagis by DK7ZB
These Yagis are constructed with cheap leightweight materials for electric installations and you can mount and dismantle them without any tools. The boom is made of PVC-tubes ..., the element holders are the clamps ...

Click to enlargeCheap Yagi Antennas for VHF/UHF by WA5VJB
These antennas are relatively small, easily constructed from common materials/tools and have surprising performance. The feed method is greatly simpified by directly soldering the coax to the driven element.

Klik voor vergrotingDK7ZB yagi for 144MHz by PA3HCM
After the somewhat disapointing results of the DJ9BV antenna, I decided to try another model. This time I selected a 9 element DK7ZB for my test. I already bought some square alu bars, each 250cm tall. Since the 9 element DK7ZB is 5 meters tall, this should fit perfectly.

Click to enlargeHand held 145 Mc dipol by LY3LP
No problem QSO 50km

Click to enlargeMy Arrow-Style VHF/UHF Portable Satellite Antenna by VE2ZAZ
One of the pleasure of working the amateur radio satellites is making contacts in a portable application and with QRP power. This requires a VHF/UHF handheld FM radio and a handheld 2-band antenna.

Click to enlargeOptimized 6/9 element VHF Yagi Antenna by ON6MU
Optimized 6/9 element VHF Yagi Antenna.

A portable 2-element VHF Yagi by K3MT
Here's a simple Saturday project: build a portable VHF yagi antenna for 2 meters. All you need is two rabbit ear antennas from Radio Shack, two CATV baluns, four feet of 3/4" CPVC pipe with one tee, and a bit of time.

Click to enlargePortable Yagi for 144MHz by EI9GQ
This simple 7 element Yagi is ideal for portable operation. The 2.42 Metre boom will fit inside my car. All of the elements are made from 6mm solid aluminium rod. The boom is made from 50x25mm (2x1 in) timber.

Klik voor vergrotingQuad 5 el. 144MHz by IK4DCS
The space that the roof let go, after mounting the trestle and my deltaloop triband, it was not so much and borders on the roof with the nearby .... too close!

Click to enlarge The $4.00 Ham Radio Satellite Antenna by KG0ZZ
It's a dual band 2m/70 cm yagi antenna made with common materials and cost very little to make. Also, the antenna is fed with only one coaxial cable and does not use a duplexer.

Click to enlargeThe Tiny 2 by W4SAT
The "Tiny 2" is a great little 2 meter beam. It has some really interesting properties and it is a fantastic first time antenna project for the beginner.

Click to enlargeThe Tiny 2+1 by W4SAT
As in the case of the 'Tiny 2', the front-to-back was sacrificed in order to squeeze as much gain as possible from the antenna.

Click to enlargeVHF DF Antenna by SMVPO
Here is a VERY narrow nulling VHF Direction Finding (DF) antenna that can be folded up in the back of the car, then you can leap out, assemble it and take a 'fix' in something like 10 seconds.

Click to enlargeVHF Test Antenna by SMVPO
This project was devised some years ago due to the need for 16 identical VHF antennas used for a CADF (Commutated Antenna Direction Finding) system for the 2-meter band.

Click to enlargeVHF-UHF Portable Yagi-Uda Antenna by XE1MEX
It can satisfy needs on most situation.

Click to enlargeVHF/UHF Wideband Portable Dipole by ON6MU
As everybody knows a dipole has about 3dB gain over a quartre wave antenna, is why my preference went to a simple dipole. To make it portable I used two identical telescopic antennas of 80 cm slid out and only 14 cm when pushed in.

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