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70cm Projects - Antennas

Click to enlarge10 element UHF antenna by ON6MU
The elements diameter of the antenna may vary between 5...8mm and the dipole diameter may vary between 8...12mm (12mm recommended) without the need of changing anything to the length or spacing.

2m/70cm Gentleman's Walking Stick by W6NBC & W6ND
Walk about freely with this pedestrian-portable antenna. Use it for better coverage at a parade, a bike-a-thon or just on a stroll. Alternately, hang it in a tree or mount it permanently. Its utility will impress you. It is also an ideal low-cost ham radio club project.

2m/70cm Portable Tape Measure Beam by W6NBC
Work the OSCAR ham satellites orgo transmitter hunting with this inexpensive portable dual band handheld tape measure Yagi.

440MHz J-Pole Antenna Plans by WB8ERJ
Here is a 70cm (440 Mhz) J-Pole antenna that is inexpensive, and easy to build. I use 1/2 inch copper pipe, and the associated fittings necessary. The dimensions arenít typical however, this is what it took to get its SWR low.

Click to enlarge6 element UHF Yagi antenna by VE3RGW
This is a standard 6 elements design scaled for UHF application. All material used in this project are easily obtainable tubes and rods which is limited within a total budget of $18.

Click to enlarge70cm Big Wheel Antenna by DL4MEA
This is a 70cm big wheel antenna which is needed for our beacon DB0FAI. The enclosure is a carrying case for cakes. This antenna was originally described in the "VHF Communications".

70 Cm J Antenne door PE1KQP
Tijdens de kerstdagen heb ik een J antenne voor de 70 cm band gemaakt van 1.5mm koperdraad om de antennespanningsmeter uit te proberen. Ik had nog een exemplaar liggen van 10mm diameter aluminiumpijp. Die ik als referentie gebruikte.

Click to enlarge70cm-Longyagis in 28Ohm-DK7ZB-Design by DK7ZB
All Yagis in 28-Ohm-Technology, elements mounted with polyamid-clamps (Konni) or similar and 10, 8 or 6mm Diameter. Electrical details on the pages you see above, plots with "YO" from K6STI and "EZNEC +4" from W7EL.

lick to enlarge70cm Moxon Beam by G3XBM
Do give 432MHz SSB a go sometime and if you think you have no suitable antenna then turn to your wife or girlfriend's wardrobe and search out an old coat hanger.

Click to enlarge70cm-Short-Yagis for 430-440MHz by DK7ZB
Short Datas of the Yagis: 430-440MHz at SWR <1,8 (10 El. 430-438) , Boom 15x15mm or 20x20mm,
Radiator 10mm, Elements 8mm or 6mm.

70cm UHF 6 Element Yagi Antenna by ON6MU
70cm UHF 6 element Yagi antenna.

An Easy Dual-Band VHF/UHF Antenna by KD6GLF
Why settle for the performance your rubber duck antenna offers?
Build this portable J-pole and boost your signal for next to nothing!

A Parasitic Lindenblad Antenna for 70cm by AA2TX
This paper introduces a novel and considerably simpler way to construct a Lindenblad style antenna. It uses a single dipole, driven-element along with a passive, parasitic, circularpolarizer. The single driven element is designed to provide a 50-ohm load and the circular polarizer is very easy to build.

Biquad for two meters and 440-MHZ by KE4UYP
This is a vertically polarized Broadside and Collinear Array each Loop is a vertically polarized Broadside Array both the right and the left side of the Loop is a bent 1/2 wave dipole working 180 degrees out of phase with the other one and that gives you 4.15dbi of gain.

Build A 9 dB, 70cm, Collinear Antenna From Coax by N1HFX
Recently the RASON technical committee was repairing our 2 meter repeater antenna. One of the members commented to me that I should write an article about collinear arrays so that we could all build our own.

Cheap Yagi Antennas for VHF/UHF by WA5VJB
These antennas are relatively small, easily constructed from common materials/tools and have surprising performance. The feed method is greatly simpified by directly soldering the coax to the driven element.

Corner reflector antenna by VE3RGW
This design is a periodic plane spaced behind a radiating dipole. The critical factors are the corner angle and the spacing between dipole/vertex ( fold point of reflector ).

Klik voor vergrotingDualbandantenne voor minder dan een euro door PE1KQP
Een artikel in electron van PA0PEV over een 6 meter deltaloop antenne bracht mij op het idee om een deltaloop voor 2 meter en 70 cm te maken.

"Homebrew" 435MHz 12-turn Helix Antenna by VE2ZAZ
This 50-ohm impedance antenna, when fed with 25-100W of SSB RF at 435MHz, makes reaching Amateur satellites such as AO-40 and AO-10 a snap!

VHF/UHF J-Pole Vertical Antenna

Homebrew Coaxial Dipole for VHF or UHF by W6NBC
Hereís a base station antenna you can easily build for 146, 220 or 440 MHz.
Performance is equal to a J-pole, but itís smaller, less obtrusive and more weatherproof.

Home Brew dual band antenna by VE3RGW
Generally speaking, this is a dual band design focused with better performance on UHF. It can satisfy needs on most situation.

Click to enlargeThe Moxon Rectangle by SM5JAB
This is an intriguing antenna. Compared to a full-size 2 element yagi it is much smaller, yet gives comparable performance. This sounds great for shortwave, where antennas often get too large to be easily manageable.

Click to enlargeMy Arrow-Style VHF/UHF Portable Satellite Antenna by VE2ZAZ
One of the pleasure of working the amateur radio satellites is making contacts in a portable application and with QRP power. This requires a VHF/UHF handheld FM radio and a handheld 2-band antenna.

Quarter Wave Antenna by ON6MU
Quarter wave vertical antenna's for 2-Meterband, 70cm...

The 440MHz Slingshot Antenna Project by N9YBP
I needed an antenna with some directivity that I could point east. I saw the Slingshot antenna project on the Hamuniverse website and wondered if it could be cut down to 440 Mhz from 2 Meters.

The DBJ-1: A VHF-UHF Dual-Band J-Pole by WB6IQN
Searching for an inexpensive, high-performance dual-band base antenna for VHF and UHF? Build a simple antenna that uses a single feed line for less than $10.

Klik voor vergroting The $4.00 Ham Radio Satellite Antenna by KG0ZZ
It's a dual band 2m/70 cm yagi antenna made with common materials and cost very little to make. Also, the antenna is fed with only one coaxial cable and does not use a duplexer.

UHF 3-element portable antenna with gamma-match by ON6MU
UHF 3-element portable antenna with gamma-match.

UHF 70cm 4-element long Yagi by ON6MU
UHF 70cm 4-element long Yagi.

Click to enlargeVHF-UHF Portable Yagi-Uda Antenna by XE1MEX
It can satisfy needs on most situation.

VHF/UHF Dualband Vertical Antenna by ON6MU
I used for this antenna aluminium tubing of 10mm diameter. Or you can use a brass rod of about 7mm diameter. The top one is a strong copper (brass) wire of 5 to 7 mm diameter soldered directly to the coil and mounted to the PVC isolator to give a strong construction.

Click to enlargeVHF/UHF Wideband Portable Dipole by ON6MU
As everybody knows a dipole has about 3dB gain over a quartre wave antenna, is why my preference went to a simple dipole. To make it portable I used two identical telescopic antennas of 80 cm slid out and only 14 cm when pushed in.

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