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70cm Projects - Receivers

Click to enlarge439.70MHz FM special receiver to receive my local repeater by JF1OZL
The reason of this production: In Japan, there are many local repeater in many towns. In my town we have KIDAMARI repeater. It receive 434.70MHz and transmit it in 439.70MHz.

Click to enlargeA synthesizer-controlled 70cm-transceiver for 9600bd packet radio by DF2FQ
Until today, more than 10 years after the publication of the G3RUH-modem, there exists not a single radio from the large amateur radio manufactures, which is suitable for operation at 9600 bit per second with a sufficiently good quality. What are the problems?

Creation date : 15/08/2007 @ 00:02
Last update : 17/09/2015 @ 23:02
Category : 70cm Projects
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