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HF Propagation


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17m Projects - Transmitters

Click to enlarge17 meter QRP Transmitter by KB9II
Here's a 1-watt 17-meter cw transmitter that was originally done about 10 years ago as a club project for RAMS, the Radio Amateur Megacycle Society. It uses a VXO, rather novel at the time.

Click to enlarge18T135pp “AinSebaa17” by JH5ESM
An 18.1MHz spot frequency CW transmitter of 1[W] output power is described. It features class-C push-pull power amplifier followed by two-stage LPF with 3rd order harmonic trap.
Ain Sebaa is one of the ST Microelectronics manufacturing site in Casablanca, Morocco, where BD135 used in this TX might be fabricated.

Click to enlargeBilateral 18.090 Mhz TX by LY3LP


Creation date : 12/08/2007 @ 22:24
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Category : 17m Projects
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