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20m Projects - Antennas

Click to enlarge14 MHz Magloop by LY3H /A> by LY3LP
I was forced to use magloop (also known as STL - small transmitting loop) because I don't have permission to build antennas on my roof. For loop I use cheap heating pipes.

Click to enlarge20M - 1 Foot EH Antenna by WB5CXC
I used 1" copper pipe to make my cylinders. They will fit snugly on a 3/4" PVC pipe. The PVC pipe will have to be sanded down to allow the copper pipe to fit.

Klik voor vergroting20m Loop Antenna by SMŘVPO
Today I have no area of land to use for antennas. I have a glassed-in balcony on the 4th floor of an apartment block. I really like the 20m (14MHz) band so I will concentrate on that.

Click to enlarge20m T-Monopole (Short Vertical) by AA5TB
During the very warm and extremely dry start to 2006 I thought it would be a good time to do some antenna experimenting. I wanted to see how well a ground mounted vertical monopole would work on 20m in my small city sized lot. The tallest vertical support that I had available at the time was a 10 foot long wooden pole.

Click to enlargeA Small Transmitting Loop Antenna for 14MHz and 21MHz by VK5BR
By definition, the small transmitting loop has a circumference less than one quarter of a wavelength. Because of its small size, it is possibly an attractive proposition for someone with inadequate space to erect a larger aerial.

Click to enlargeBicycle Rim Antenna for 20 Metres by VK2ZAY
Several months ago ... I saw it was "clean-up week" ... one item caught my eye, an Aluminium bicycle rim. ... physically it was for a child's bike, only around 580 mm in diameter, but the Aluminium itself looked to be in good shape. Antenna was the immediate thought, ...

Klik voor vergrotingC-Pole Portable Antenna For 20M by HB9MTN
A vertical that's small, light and portable, needs no counterpoise and performs as well as a home antenna

Klik voor vergrotingEH Antenna for 14MHz by F5SWN
An 30 cm (11.81 in.) 14MHz antenna suitable for indoor or a small outdoor cleared area ?
The effectiveness and efficiency of such an antenna is obviously lower when compared to a correctly deployed out door dipole.

Click to enlargeGoedkoop op 40/20 (en 10 meter met tuner) zelfbouwdraadantenne door PA3HMP
Al meer dan 5 jaar geleden heb ik al eens een paar goedkope traps gemaakt en er een klein stukje over op mijn website gezet, met de ontwikkelingen dat de Novice amateurs (binnenkort) op HF mogen leek het me eens een leuk idee om het netjes uit te werken.

Click to enlargeHomebrew Hexbeam Page by W1GQL
In August 2004 I had a QSO with Joe Italiano, N9PH, and Joe told me that he was turning "Martha" my direction. Joe told me that she was a homebrew Hexbeam made with bamboo poles that he had bought at K-Mart.

Klik voor vergrotingMagloop Antenna for 20m by LY3H
I was forced to use magloop (also known as STL – small transmitting loop) because I don’t have permission to build antennas on my roof. For loop I use cheap heating pipes

Click to enlargeQRP Beach Vertical 20m Moxon by M3KXZ
All my working is HF QRP SSB and I usually rely on my 8 metre fishing poles, trusty homebrew non-resonant 44ft doublet antennas (one at home and one for portable) and also a 10 metre tall homebrew vertical at home.

Click to enlarge'Shorty' Dipole for 14MHz by G3YCC
This mini dipole was described in Practical Wireless and Sprat recently in addition to the Five-Watter, the magazine of the Michigan QRP Club.

Click to enlargeThe 10/15/20 Meter Trap Vertical Antenna by KGŘZZ
This antenna project came out very nice. It's a rugged homebrew multi-band trap vertical antenna that works the 10, 15, and 20 meter amateur radio bands. The antenna can be mounted on the ground or on a mast.

The 20m VersaTee Vertical Phased Array by KE4UYP
When setting up the two verticals the height above ground at the feed point / VersaTee equals 10 feet for both verticals. The elevated radials for example would both slope down to the north, If you want the array to be unidirectional and pointing to the North. The second vertical would be either East or west of the first one.

Click to enlargeThe 4X4 Slimtenna by 4X4LH
Here comes my modification of the Slim Jim antenna which I call “The 4X4 Slimtenna”. The esteemed Slim Jim antenna was invented by Fred Judd G2BCX on the basis of the J Pole antenna, which was based on the German Zepelin antenna.

Click to enlargeTwo elements YAGI for field day operation by VE3RGW
With the success on the invisible attic wire beam, a lot of club members showed their interest on this trial and discussed possibility of similar application.

Click to enlargeUne antenne verticale 10/14MHz ŕ trappe coaxiale de F6GLZ
Cet article traite plutôt de la maničre de construire une trappe coaxiale pour une antenne verticale.

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