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20m Projects - CW Transceivers

Klik voor vergroting20m QRP CW 5W TRX by LY3H
I made already quite a few QSOs with the this transceiver, even with some JA stations.

Click to enlarge20m QRP CW Transceiver by MØDGQ
Described here is a “ bare bones “ QRP CW transceiver for the twenty meter band using common cheap components, most of the components used came from the junk box. Four watts output is produced along with QSK. Although a fairly simple transceiver, it performs very well indeed. The only controls on the set are; Tuning, RIT and Gain.

A CW QRP Tranceiver for 20m band by IK3OIL
The little QRP presented in this article may be built in a gradual manner, in fact it is divided in two main modules (plus VFO), you may also complete only a single part (RX or TX module).

A QRP SSB/CW Tranceiver for 14MHz by W7ZOI
Part 1: Exotic circuitry and hard-to-find components aren't necessary if you want to build excellent performance into a home-brew SSB/CW transceiver: Careful design is the key.

A QRP SSB/CW Tranceiver for 14MHz by W7ZOI
Part 2: This moth, W7ZOI rounds out his description of a 1- or 10-W SSB/CW rig with details on its transmitter, TR switching and optional speech processor.

Click to enlargeAN7205 14Mhz TRX by LY3LP

Klik voor vergrotingHomebrew 20m CW Transceiver by 7N3WVM
Homebrew 20m CW Transceiver.

Click to enlargeMultiPig 20 Transceiver by W8PIG
The multiPIG is an Electronic Instrument that functions as an all band QRP Transceiver, a Signal Generator and a Frequency Counter.

Click to enlargeThe Multi-Pig Phased-Lock Loop Frequency Synthesizer by AA3SJ
The PLL is part of a larger project, the MP20 (multi-PIG) designed by Dieter Gentzow, W8DIZ. Details and construction lessons can be found at the MultiPIG web page.

Click to enlargeMy First QRP Rig "The Barefooter" by PA2OHH
When I found the design, I did not believe that it was possible to make QSO's with it as its simplicity is such a contrast with the standard amateur transceiver with high power, superhet receiver and other complex circuits.

Klik voor vergrotingPocket sized 20m (30m) CW QRP transceiver by S56AL
I started to discover the 30m band by using an adapted version of my 80m single-board CW transceiver. The first impressions were quite encouraging, so I decided to build a portable transceiver for this interesting band.

Klik voor vergrotingRadio Ozon - Miniature 20m CW station by GØUPL
This project aims to build a complete miniature 20m handheld tranceiver into an Ozon mint tin. These mints are available at many newsagents here in the UK. The target is a complete station in a box, not just a transceiver.

Click to enlargeThe SMK-1 on 20 Meters by NB6M
My objectives in putting the SMK-1 on 20 Meters were to achieve a useful frequency range in both the transmitter and receiver, hopefully the same or near the same in each, that covered the 14.060 Mhz QRP calling frequency.

Click to enlargeThe Wuther - 20m CW QRPp Transceiver by SP5DDJ
Just by the end of the year 2002 new QRP rig became alive. I called it "The Wuther". The concept of my smallest rig was taken from experience and some ideas presented in the Web by my distinguished colleagues - Wayne N6KR, David W0CH, Wayne NB6M and many others.

Click to enlargeUn transceiver 14 Mhz simple by F6FEO
En juillet 2004, surfant sur le net, je découvrais un étrange montage de transceiver.
Appareil ultra-simple, décrit par un OM Indien Ashhar Farham, il s'agissait du BITX 20.

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Last update : 27/11/2016 @ 18:15
Category : 20m Projects
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