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80m Projects - SSB Transceivers

Click to enlarche(Fairly) Simple SSB rig with PTT by KD1JV
This rig was inspired by the "unknown ham from Idaho" minimalist SSB rig.

Click to enlarge3.5MHz 10W SSB Transceiver by JF1OZL
In week day I operate 7MHz CW on my shack. But in these days, on the 7MHz , my signal skips out from Japan and I can't contact any station after 10 o'clock. Therefore I decided to make 3.5MHz SSB and CW rigs.

Click to enlarge80m DSB transceiver by PE1JPD
It is a DSB transceiver with an output of 5W. It is build around 8 noval tubes of the EF/EL series using a lot of material from Amroh, a form manufacturer of electronic components in the Netherland.

Click to enlarge80m SSB & CW QRP superhet transceiver by S56AL
The 80m SSB & CW transceiver design is based on an already proven concept used in ATLAS amateur transistorised transceivers from 70's.

Click to enlargeNano - The Traveller’s Rig by KANG. K. P. S
ately I had a feeling of necessity of an 80 meter portable rig for use during traveling and camping that proved to be the main impetus behind the development of this little transceiver for portable use.

SSB Transceiver by EI9GQ
Now that people are getting married, and having babies on the internet, isn't it about time someone designed and built an SSB rig on the net?

Creation date : 05/09/2015 @ 19:07
Last update : 02/09/2018 @ 11:38
Category : 80m Projects
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