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30m Projects - Transmitters

Click to enlarge10T639pp “Europa30” by JH5ESM
In 2005, I had organized a group purchase for European transistors. In this program, BC547, BC639, BD135, BD139 and TBA820M had been listed and about 20 Japanese hams had joined.

Click to enlarge30m QRSS Junkbox Beacon by GØUPL
Here's a 30m QRSS beacon whose main objective is low cost and simplicity. I built this project entirely from junk box parts: the only component purchased specifically for this project was the 10,140kHz crystal ...

Click to enlarge30m QRSS Beacon by GØUPL
A borderline insane 30m QRSS beacon project. The beacon contains an 8K EEPROM (28C64 chip) of which only 1K is used. It is programmed by hand from front panel switches.

A Two-transitor Transmitter for 30 Meters by KB4PY
When I decided to become active on the 30-m band, I wanted to build a simple transmiter. I have a Yeasu FT-101E that receives WWV on 10MHz. Others may have general-coverage receivers, and need only a transmitter.

Creation date : 12/08/2007 @ 19:20
Last update : 27/11/2016 @ 16:52
Category : 30m Projects
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