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30m Projects - Receivers

Click to enlarge10MHz Autodyne Receiver by WA5BDU
The circuit also makes a fun little 30 meter CW receiver, considering its simplicity. It's tempting to call it a "three transistor receiver", but you'd need a couple more transistors to get audio to a halfway decent level.

Click to enlarge30m QRSS Receiver by GŲUPL
The inspiration for this project was Paolo I1DFS, who used a simple SA602-based homebrew direct conversion receiver to produce some very nice QRSS reception reports, of my Junkbox QRSS beacon and others.

30 Meter Receiver Project by VE7BPO
A lot can be learned when using strict design criteria to build a project. I set out to build an entire receiver using only 2N3904 transistors and at the end settled upon the design shown above.

Click to enlarge30 Meter Receiver Project by DL2YEO
The also as direct mixer described receiver consists out of a bandpass filter, mixer IC, VFO and AF filter. For the construction of this simple circuit only 22 parts and somef time at a weekend are needed.

Click to enlarge30m Receiver by GŲUPL
This simple receiver was originally intended to check the transmission of my 30m QRSS beacon. By tuning the 30m receiver to Russia's RWM timesignal on exactly 9996kHz I was able to calibrate my frequency counter.

Click to enlargeSimple WWV receiver for 10 MHz calibration signal by KD1JV
"Zero beating" to the WWV carrier for calibration of oscillators is easier said then done. To truely "zero beat", you must do exactly that, produce a 0 Hz beat note. This is difficult to do, since most receivers do not have an audio responce down to zero Hz!

Click to enlargeThe AGC-80/30 by KE3IJ
TA Dual-Band Regenerative Receiver for 80 Meters and 30 Meters, with Audio-Derived AGC

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Last update : 16/09/2015 @ 21:01
Category : 30m Projects
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